The College has a well equipped library: Application for books must be made on requisition slips supplied by the college.  Two books are issued to every student’s ticket for a period of seven days only. Any book not returned will be either replaced or paid for by the student under whose name the book has been entered in the issue register. Damage or loss which can not be traced to an individual student may be met by a levy on all students. Magazines, bound periodicals and reference books may not be taken out of the college library. Transference of books from one student to another is not allowed. Books issued from the Library should be kept carefully and no case be underlined or disfigured.

2. Basic Guide Captains Training Programme

Basic Guide Captains Training, for a period of 7 days is conducted during the course.

3. Sports and Games

There is a full time Physical Directress.  In addition to theoretical lectures and demonstrations, participation in sports and games is made compulsory.

4. S.U.P.W.

The Art and Craft Instructress trains the students for Socially useful Productive Work.

5. Clubs

Subject clubs are organized for enrichment of knowledge and development of Talents.  In addition to this our college is involved in the promotion of Peace and Harmony.  Eco awareness is given through Nature Lovers Association.  We work for Human Rights especially for the Rights of Women and Children.  Students are encouraged to participate in inter religious prayers and dialogues.

6. Talent Programmes

Opportunities are provided for the development and expression of the hidden talents of the students throughout the year.

7. Enrichment Programmes

In addition to the regular academic programmes, Seminars, Workshops and Discussion related to current social issues are organized.  Guest lectures are arranged in this regard.

8. Moral instruction

A course of Moral Instruction is given once a week.  Attendance at this course is obligatory.