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Treading on the footsteps of St.Ignatius of Loyola and realizing the significant role that Education plays in transforming the youth and the whole Nation, our Congregation gears all the efforts towards enabling the students who come under the benevolent and beneficial folds of the institutions to develop in all walks of life - emotional, intellectual and skill oriented dimensions. The Ultimate goal is to make them worthy and res

All I.C.M. Institutions are challenged to make Educational Ministry a Weapon to Carve the Values of the Kingdom, Love, Justice, Peace and Truth into the Society, and to weave the Values of Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood into the fabric of Social Structure.

In the Process the aim of education has been formulated in such a way as to comprise in it, and to implement through it the Mission and Vision of the Congregation.

Hence the aim of the College of Education is to develop in the Women teacher trainees a broad vision of interest, a love of knowledge good aesthetic taste, Interest in their fellow men, concern for the advancement of our Country. and perception of themselves as part of the whole world. Such an integrated personality, would equip them with all skills required for the mission of Social change and social Justice.

In order to promote such objectives through curricular and co-curricular transactions, the Congregation is very particular in selecting potential, teachers and studious learners as primary stake holders, so that the secondary stake holders - Parents, Beneficiaries, Well - Wishers, and N.G.O.s would be drawn into themachinery of the institution's functioning.