Our Vision

Moto, Mission and Objectives


“Virtue is our strongest shield”


Our college aims at the formation of prospective women teachers with farsighted clear vision of the present and future panorama of the needs and requirements for the promotion of Social Justice and Social Progress


As ICM educators, we commit ourselves to work in a special way for the development of an integrated personality of our students and staff by giving importance to deep faith formation, inculcation of moral and spiritual values and empowering them to strive for equal status in life.

The purpose of the institution is to develop in the student teachers a broad vision of interests, a deep love of knowledge and a fine taste for culture. The institution endeavours to introduce in the student teachers an interest in their fellow persons, a deep concern over the advancement of the country and a perception of themselves as part of the whole world. The ultimate aim is pivoted around moulding the student teachers for the mission of Social Change and Social Justice

The aim of the institution is to develop in the student teachers a broad vision of interests, a love of knowledge and an aesthetic sense.


In the light of ICM mission vision which believes in imparting education and disseminating knowledge among prospective women teachers with a noble heritage which strives to bring forth teachers with personal integrity, social commitment, emotional maturity and moral and ethical uprightness.

To prepare the prospective women teachers with a broader vision of humanity, a thirst for knowledge and a sense of nature To kindle the flame of genuine thirst for life-long learning and to dispel the darkness of evils in the community around them To equip the prospective women teachers with coping competence and the right disposition to meet the diverse needs of learners To develop in the student teachers, right attitude towards self, life and teaching profession. To develop a value system comprising of essential, personal, community and values To orient student teachers towards their obligation towards upliftment of women and awareness of the problems of women To mould the students for the mission of social change and social justice To instil interest in their fellow persons and to be concerned about the advancement of our country To develop far sightedness in the student teachers so as to search for Truth, Justice and Beauty in the light of the knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Values that would be developed during the course
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