St. Ignatius Training College for Women had its beginning in the upper block of St.Ignatius’ Convent High School with a hope for and views of gaining academic and moral support from the model school. The college was officially inaugurated on 29th July 1957 after getting affiliation from Madras University. Sr. Stephane was the founder Principal to officiate the human machinery of five faculty members and 37 students, having their hopes and mission attuned to the clarion call of the Foundress for the progress in the educational pilgrimages, leaving behind her imprints on the present structure of the college.

The College of Education that had its birth in such a noble heritage of background strives to bring forth teachers with personal integrity, social commitment, emotional maturity and moral and ethical uprightness. With this aim in view, the admission policy is framed so as to enfold representatives from the marginal sectors of the society beyond the partitions of creed and community.

The institution nurtures the foundations of education - Philosophical, Psychological and Sociological bases of education by imparting the principles of child centeredness, activity centeredness, and experience based methods integrated in the transaction, so that the flexibility of their applications in teaching - learning process is wider. Education is a process of

training the human mind by cultivating a habit of scientific enquiry, objective assessment and balanced judgment. Education is an indispensable asset in its attempt to attain the ideals of peace, freedom and social justice.

The institution is particular in availing the human and financial resources and making policy decisions collaboratively with the management and Governing Board for providing support services of good quality.

Like the bounteous water emanating from a source flow into the great ocean, thousands of young women have been passing out of the portals of St. Ignatius B.Ed. College to merge with the vast Indian Society to empower the youth through the service of education. The institution is truly proud of them because true to its motto : “Virtue is our Strongest Shield”, they are carriers of human values that are being passed on to the present and to the future generations. The sacrifice and stead fastness of the Principals and Staff have nurtured the institution and built it step by step.