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B.Ed., M.Ed., M.Phil., and Ph.D.

S. No. List of B.Ed. Courses


I. Course of Study

  1. Perspectives in Education (PE)
  2. Curriculum and Pedagogic studies (CPS)
  3. Pedagogy of Language
  4. Strengthening Language Proficiency and Managerial skills.
  5. Electives
  6. EPC Courses
  7. Teaching Competence
  8. Educational Practicals

a. Perspectives in Education (PE)

Semester - I
1. Psychological Basic of Education
2. Education in Emerging Indian Society
Semester - II
1. Psychology of Teaching and Learning
2. Curriculum development in the Knowledge Era
3. Assessment for Learning
Semester IV
1. Gender, School and Society
2. Inclusive Education
3. Information Communication Technology in Education
4. Self Science Education

b. Curriculum and Pedagogic studies (CPS) for Semester I, II & IV

Each candidate may choose any one of the Pedagogy papers given below.
Curriculum and Pedagogy of Optional Courses

    1. Teaching of Tamil
    2. Teaching of English
    3. Teaching of Mathematics
    4. Teaching of Physical Science
    5. Teaching of Biological Science
    6. Teaching of Social Science
    7. Teaching of Computer Science
    8. Teaching of Commerce and Accountancy
    9. Teaching of Economics

c. Pedagogy of Language for semester I, II & IV

  1. Pedagogy of Language - Tamil (or)
  2. Pedagogy of Language - English

d. Strengthening Language Proficiency and Managerial Skills: for I semester (Compulsory for all students).

e. Elective Paper (Semester IV) - Student teachers are expected to choose any one of the papers given below.

  1. Physical and Health Education.
  2. Guidance and Counselling.
  3. Environmental Education.

f. EPC Courses (Semester I) (Courses on Enhancing Professional Capacities) – Compulsory for all students

  1. Physical Education and Yoga
  2. Library and Information Science
  3. Art and Craft

g. Teaching Competence

Observation of teaching sessions (Micro, Macro and Mini) and peer observation (Micro, Macro and Mini). The practical training will include:

  1. Six days of microteaching practice under simulated condition (3 skills in Level 1,3 skills in Level 2 and 3 skills in Pedagogy of Language – Tamil/English) Two days of Mini teaching (for level 1, 2 and Pedagogy Language)
  2. Internship in schools is to be done for a period of 20 weeks. This should include an initial phase of 4 weeks of Observation of lessons given by mentors, demonstration lessons by teacher educators peer observation and practice teaching along with regular participation in the school routine during the first year.
    The student teacher shall maintain the prescribed records for observation of lessons, criticism lessons and lesson plans during intensive teaching practice. The marks for teaching practice shall be based on the reports of the lessons taught in each optional subject. The records prepared and maintained by the teacher trainees will be assessed and valued by the faculty members of the college. Finally practical examination will be conducted by the Board of Supervising Examiners appointed by the Principal and Controller of Examinations whose decision on the marks to be awarded will be the final.

h. Educational Practicals

  1. Curriculum and Pedagogic studies (CPS), Pedagogy of Language
  2. Community Service
  3. Project and Experiments
  4. Health and Hygiene
  5. Cultural Activities
  6. Field Experience
  7. Personality Development Programmes Seminars, Workshops and guest lectures

Details of Educational Practicals

  • Practice of microteaching: 3 skills in Level 1, 3 Skills in Level 2 and 3 Skills in Pedagogy of Language.
  • Practice of Miniteaching : Two days of Miniteaching in level 1, 2, and in Pedagogy of Language
  • School based teaching: Preparation of Lesson Plan. 30 in Level 1, 30 in Level 2 and 15 in Pedagogy of Language
  • Construction of tests: Diagnostic and achievement tests are constructed for Level 1 and Level 2.
  • Teaching aids: Teacher trainees are asked to prepare different types of teaching aids related to the school subjects.
  • Statistical analysis and interpretation: Test scores shall be recorded and analysed.
  • Audio – Visual: Each teacher trainee shall be given training in operating all the available audio – visual apparatus such as slide projector, OHP, film – strips projector, computer and smart board.
  • Socially Useful Productive Work: The teacher trainee shall be given opportunity to prepare and participate in 10 socially useful productive works.
  • Community Service: The College would organize extension and community service programmes during the first year.
  • Citizenship Training Camp: CT camp would be conducted.
  • Action Research Project: The teacher trainee can choose any problem related to classroom situation as an Action Research Project and prepare a report.
  • Case Study: The Teacher trainee can also make a detailed case study of a school student and prepare a report.
  • Psychological Experiments: The teacher trainee shall conduct 5 Psychology Experiments and maintain a record of them.
  • Yoga, Physical and Health Education: Physical and Health education record shall be maintained.
  • Science teacher trainee shall conduct 5 experiments and maintain a record of them.